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Sai bua Vergin Organic Coconut Oil Reduces weight of indirect. Detoxifying drive the toxic waste out of the body and help detox. Help.. Product #: G01 Regular price: $11.20 $11.20 In Stock

Vergin Organic Coconut Oil

Brand: Sai bua
Product Code: G01
Availability: In Stock

Price: $11.20

Ingredient : 100%Vergin organic coconut oil. oil will solidify at temperatures below 25c.

Benefits :

Skin to skin, radiant. Dryness is not bright.

Help in slowing the aging of the body because the coconut oil has a role in helping the antioxidant as well.

No fat/as a supplement for those who want to reduce obesity because coconut oil is medium-sized molecules are digested faster. There is no accumulation in the body.

Reduces weight of indirect.

Detoxifying drive the toxic waste out of the body and help detox.

Help strengthen the immune system the body.

Help the tonic.

Hearts make the heart healthy and strong.

Help to expand the rest of the tube and prevents the hardening of the arteries.

Reduces risk of cancer.

Helps relieve symptoms and cure of diabetes.

Help reduce the growth of the tumor.

Help to drain the stomach, making it easier to excrete.

Nourish damaged hair hair breakage problem solving.

Apply to your belly during pregnancy will help you keep the skin moist grain.

Use as cleaner and tone the face after make up.

Use to rinse fill in the mouth to disinfect all area.

How to use: large shareholders take 3-4 TSP. Children take 1-2 teaspoons Before or with meals. Sweet and savory cooking using the drink most commonly used in the fermentation of hair. Use as a facial cleansing cleansing and moisturizing the skin, applied. Use coconut oil to anoint the hair dry and then steps aside for 30 minutes, then the pool will make the hair soft, tangle-free hair. Straight hair even more. Skin soft, pleasing community recommended use only at night or before going to bed.


Dosage :Adult 3-4 Teaspoons daily before or with meal, child 1-2 teaspoons daily before or with meal.

Packing : 500 ml./bottle


Weight: 523g.