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Herbs in tablet

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Ginkgo Biloba Extract Tablet

In the anti-oxidants, Improve circulation to the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s.


Cassia siamea compound Tablet

Help for insomnia, anti stress. Solve constipation, good effect against the bacteria proteus vulgaris, a known cause of urinary tract infections and wound infections. Help brain nerve maintenance.


Butea Superba Tablet

Man tonic for longevity, keep strong and strength, keep young, keep black hair, lower fat and sexual enhancer.


Pueraria mirifica Tablet

Women tonic for longevity, post menopause, keep young, smooth complexion, silky hair, brighter eyes sigth, breast enhancer.


Lingzhi Extract Coated Tablet

Longevity, lower blood cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-inflame and anti-oxidation.


Orthosiphon Grandiflorus Extract

For treatment of kidney disease. Excreted uric acid from the kidneys. Diabetes, arthritis, back pain, lower blood pressure. Helps keep gallstones disease, rhinitis


Tal-Val-Paeng Tablet

For relief muscle pain and back pain, is a natural muscle body's relaxant.


Five Roots Herbal Extract Powder Table

Antipyretic, anti-fever and headache relief. Disease flu and bird flu infected with very good result and without liver's pollute.