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Herbs in capsule

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Compound Rang Chuet Capsule

Treatment for toxicity, alcoholism, reliefs headaches from hangovers, anti-thirst, anti-fever.


Cinnamon capsule

It has propertiesin reducing and maintaining blood sugar levels for diabetes.


Morin Capsule (Noni Capsule)

Tonic for health for both Man and Women. Help blood circulation. Low immune disease. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors.


Compound senna-garcinia Cambogia capsule

Prevents the carbohydrates you eat from being converted into new fat and Inhibits the storage of fat.


Turmeric Capsule

For carminative, peptic ulcer, gout relief, anti-inflame, asthma, treatment of flatulent, anti-aging, prevent colon cancer and prevent alzheimer.


Pet-sung-kart capsule

Treatment of haemorrhoids symptoms, mild laxative. Support and nourish bone development.


Krachaidum compound capsule

Tonic for man to stimulate physical activity, regulate brain activity, increase healthy and young, muscle relaxation and sexual enhancer.


Curcuxan capsule

Tonic for women use after giving a birth for accelerating lochia discharge, vagina and womb restore.


Moringa capsule

It has high nutrition value, proteins of all 8 essential amino acids with vitamins, minerals and calcium.


Compound phyllanthus amarus capsule

Antipyretic, anti-fever, for stomach pain, for hepatitis disesse.


Compound murdannia loriformis capsule

Oozing eczema due to lymphatic disorders, relieve fever, prevent for cancer, relief side effect of chemo therapy and radiation therapy of cancer.


Bitter Cucumber Capsule

Relieve fever, anti-thirst, anti-pyretic and increase of appetite.